ABOUT luxe view

Carefully Executed Luxury Design Photography 

Show your prospect clients the beauty, the quality and details of your new or remodeled project.

Welcome to  Catalina’s interior design photography portfolio. As part of my journey as a photographer and artist documenting the beauty of the world around me, I have had the pleasure to photograph exquisite interior design projects in South Florida.  In the realm of interiors photography, my top priority is to deliver images that capture the designer’s vision by carefully planning the composition, using selective lighting techniques and always paying attention to details. A combination of ambient light exposures and flash exposures are pieced together to create outstanding images. I primarily aim at producing images that look natural where the exteriors are apparent yet slightly over exposed.


Photographers have different approaches to producing interiors and exteriors photos, therefore the importance of a pre-consultation to get on the same page.  Contact Catalina for more details, pricing and availability. Every project is evaluated individually. 


In order to provide clients with an accurate proposal for their project, I encourage them to submit the following information (If needed, we can schedule a site visit):

  • Location details: Please provide the address and consider adding a nearby second location in case the shoot can be bundled.
  • A list of your “Must-have” shots: This guarantees that all the angles the client considers crucial to depict a project are taken. Most clients leave this decision up to the photographer, but know that we can come up with a list together to meet your needs. (Feel free to send me quick snapshots of the project).
  • Time Frame: How soon do you need the final images? What are the dates the project can be photographed?
  • Budget: This helps us both determine the amount of time that can be allocated for shooting and editing. It is a time saver for both of us to know if we are a good fit early on. The cost of a photo shoot varies considering that each project has different goals, specs and needs.